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Familiar with the phrase “Never walk alone”? How about “This is Anfield”? Well! Both phrases are synonymous with the most successful brand in British football. A brand with a cult-like-followership base; a club with the favorite come-backs in the history of football. Thinking of a club that foots such bill? It has to be the Liverpool Football Club.

With a distinguished logo characterized by the liver bird, which is symbolic with the city of Liverpool. The birth of Liverpool was born out of necessity. The relocation of Everton football club to Goodison park created a unique and golden opportunity for the creation of another club. In 1892, the split from Everton football club created a vacuum in vision and infrastructure – a gap that was quickly noticed by the then first president; John Houlding. As the first president, he quickly turned the vacant stadium back to full use after the split as he secured the rights to establish a new club – Liverpool Football Club.

Let’ see how much you know about Liverpool FC as a true fan.

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